Saturday 24 June 2023

Little Shot Of Horrors

Whilst I was in a Daemonic mood after finishing the Lord of Change, I decided to finish off the last few models I had left for my Tzeentch Daemon army: a handful of Horrors.

These are all spare models which came on other sprues, for example the Brimstone Horrors are from the Lord of Change sprues and are intended to be little more than base decoration. However. I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth and having an extra pair of Brimstone Horrors seemed like a no brainers.

Similarly, these three Blue Horrors come on the sprue for the Burning Chariot as an optional upgrade and in 9th edition they cost points and added rules. However, in 10th edition there's no option for including them and so they are best served as regular Blue Horrors.

This is especially the case as Blue Horrors now also pop into existence when Pink Horrors die on the roll of a 4+, meaning I will need more of them than I have.

I painted these slightly differently than previously, using Talassar Blue contrast paint rather than dry brushing Lothern Blue over Caledor Sky washed in Drakenhof Nightshade. It's much quicker but results in a slightly lighter shade of blue. This is not something I'm overly worried about going forward as something similar happened with my two units of Pink Horrors and some variation adds some depth to the army and means that I can pick out different units if I need to.

Barring a couple of bags of bits which may get glued together to create something at some point, I'm not out of Daemons to paint. I'm still working out what my next purchases will entail, but I think a box of Blue and Brimstone Horrors is definitely part of the equations.

Acquired: 75
Painted: 184
Lead Mountain: 492

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