Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spoiler Alert!

In my effort to clear the 'bat-log', I've begun to get back into the Bat habit with the last few of the Heroclix models that I intend to use. Mainly, these are for models that haven't been and/or are unlikely to be made.

First up, as hinted at in the title, Spoiler...

Spoiler, aka Stephanie Brown, aka Robin (the fourth one), aka Batgirl (the fifth one), Spoiler is a key character from one of my favourite story arcs: War Games. In typical, comic book (not at all sexist) fashion, she is not up to the job of Robin, accidentally starts a gang war, hands control of the underworld to Black Mask, is tortured and is allowed to die to prove a point to Batman.

In game terms, I'll be using her with Batgirl's profile, as she later became Batgirl, after she was revealed to have not actually been dead (this happens a lot in comics).

The Ventriloquist & Scarface

Scarface is a Gotham gang boss, who's actually a ventriloquist's puppet controlled by mild-mannered, and somewhat bonkers, Albert Wesker.

For me, the Ventriloquist is one of the most notable absences from the current range, being a long term fixture in Gotham's rogues gallery. For the game, I'll be using the profile of Commissioner Loeb as part of the Organised Crime crew. It's not a perfect fit, but it works well enough.

Lady Shiva

One of the most dangerous members of the League of Shadows, Lady Shiva is an elusive assassin who has both opposed and aided Batman at different times.

This is my least favourite of the three models I've done this week. A problem which is enhanced by the knowledge that Knigjt Models have actually release a rather lovely sculpt of Lady Shiva as she appears in Arkham Origins.

However, the official Lady Shiva comes in a pack with three other female ninjas and as such, they're not high on my shopping list as none of them are armed with ranged weapons, and that's what my League is currently missing. So, for now, she'll do.

In other news, I've also done a little terrain...

These park benches are a cheap little addition from Warbases. They should add an extra feature to my game board.


  1. Very nice work as always Kieron. :)

    The Ventriloquist is one of my favourite Bat-foes, and I would love to see the original version represented in BMG; doing so would only enhance the range IMHO. :)

    I NEED those benches now (off to Warbases in a few minutes!); can you give me a quick run-down of how you painted them? Cheers. :)

    1. Erm...Green...

      Seriously, I've done nothing with them. :)

    2. Is that unpainted then?

      Or if 'green' what green did you use?

      (Whatever the source of the colour they look '/just right' to me). :)

    3. It's knarloc green from GW. The mdf soaks up some and the sunlight has bleached it in the picture. I'd suspect that a light green highlight might have the same effect.

    4. Cheers. :)

      Nice and effective. :)

  2. You do come up with some great characters, I've not heard of Spoiler before and I definitely need some of those park benches.

  3. Nice additions to the completed pile. Its an informative post as like Michael I'd not heard of some of these characters either

  4. These characters look amazing. Especially Spoiler with her daring colour scheme and dynamic pose.
    I had not heard from them before, but seeing yours KM definitely needs to add them to the range.