Thursday, 22 December 2016

Star Wars Holiday Special

It's Christmas, and that means two things these days: time with my daughter and a new Star Wars movie. So, in honour of both these, we decided to introduce my daughter to 7TV, using the Star Wars PDF and the contents of the last few years of Lego advent calendars.

I created two 30 ratings forces to go toe to toe in a Christmas themed game.

Luke Skywalker (Star)
R2-D2 (Co-Star)
C-3PO (Co-Star)
2 Rebel Troopers (Extras)
Tower Laser Gun (Extra)
Medical Droid (Extra)

Darth Vader (Star)
Imperial Officer (Extra)
IG-88 (Extra)
Stormtrooper Heavy Weapon (Extra)
2 Snowtroopers (Extras)
E-Web Gunner (Extra)

After IMPERIAL PROBE DROIDS had brought news of a strange hermit, strong in the Force, who knew whether children had been bad or good, the evil DARTH VADER had devised a plan to replace him, and to visit all the children in the galaxy who might have the potential to become JEDI KNIGHTS, and to end that hope.

Aware of the approach of the DARK LORD OF THE SITH, the hermit, SAN-TAK LORRS has gone into hiding, however he was in such a hurry, he has left his key equipment: his LIST, BEARD, HAT, SACK and ASTROMECH DROID lying around, enabling the Empire to enact their foul plan.

LUKE SKYWALKER, aware of the significance of SAN-TAK LORRS, has realised that his loss would diminish hope in the galaxy, and prepared a strike team who would try to foil the GALACTIC EMPIRE and replace the hermit with a suitable alternative...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Lord Vader's forces spread out to search.

They are joined by the bounty hunter, IG-88. Apparently, they do need that kind of scum.

Luke and his strike team eye their first objective.

As do his faithful droids, Artoo and Threepio.

The E-Web gunner slips down the icy slope.

Luke uses his Jedi reflex to retrieve the list, whilst one of the troopers grabs the hat.

Artoo grabs the sack, but parts company with Threepio.
"I'm going this way. That way looks much too difficult."

I have a bad feeling about this.

Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so Luke doesn't get a scratch.

IG-88 is blown to smithereens by the Tower Laser.

Whilst Artoo and Luke pass the sack and list to Threepio for safe keeping.

The Rebels take cover.

Darth Vader, beard in hand, advances into the open. However, his jolly red disguise protects him...for now.

"This is the droid we're looking for."

One for the blooper reel?
"I wonder if slipping over will make me as famous at that Stormtrooper that banged his head?"

Artoo's heroic antlers serve as a distraction as Luke rushes in.

C-3PO pulls a Mandalorian Jet Pack out of the sack and zooms to safety.

"I've lost Artoo! Again!"

Dum-Dum-Dum, Dum-De-Dum, Dum-De-Dum...

"I have you now...DAMN! Why can't I hit anything with this gun?"

"And THAT, is for Artoo!"

The long march seems to weaken the Dark Lord of the Sith.

"All too easy..."

...until Threepio pulls out a Carbon Freeze, holding Vader in place and allowing the troopers to blast his icy ass.

Luke continues to 'kill the baddies'.

 Imperial vengeance kills the two Rebel troopers before the Imperials are forced to retreat.

The Rebels are victorious and Luke's plan to replace San-Tak Lorss and bring hope to the galaxy works.

"But Master Luke, impersonating a mythological figure is against my programming."

7TV handles Star Wars very well, and if you have a set of Imperial Assault, I'd suggest getting the 7TV Star Wars PDF to double your gaming options. Best's free!

Happy Life Day!


  1. Absolutely brilliant Kieron! Merry Xmas dude

  2. Well that's certainly brightened my day, Happy Christmas Kieron.

    1. That's because the good guys won. Vader would have cancelled Christmas.

      Happy Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas!
    That's one entertaining report.
    The use of LEGO figures is just brilliant.

    1. I sold loads of Star Wars Miniature Game Figures years ago and so kicked myself when CD released their PDF. However, three years of advent calendars did the trick.

      Happy Christmas!

  4. Fantastic battle report mate. :)

    Merry Christmas! :)