Wednesday 25 January 2017

7TV: Juliet Who? Doctor Bravo?

With two starter casts pretty much done, it was time to play my first ever game of 7TV using exclusively Crooked Dice models. Given what I had painted, it was time for Doctor Who to travel back to the nineteen eighties and help the cast of Juliet Bravo defeat a evil cult, guest starring Sigourney Weaver as Michell the 'Bell Witch'.

The casts were as follows:

The Doctor - Unearthly Traveller - Star
Amy Pond - Plucky Assistant - Co-Star
Inspector Jean Darblay - Investigative Academic - Co-Star
The Hartley Constabulary - Police Patrol Unit
   Police Sergeant - Extra
   3 Police Constables - Extras

Pastor Lawrence - Sinister Mystic - Star
Michelle the Witch - The Bell Witch - Co-Star
The Watcher - Animated Construct - Extra
The Conclave of Blood - Cultist Coven Unit
   Cult Leader - Extra
   4 Cultists - Extras

Hartley Station gets a call from the Jenkins Farm...
...about strange sounds emanating from the abandoned churchyard... 
...and shapes moving through the trees at night.
The Hartley boys in blue arrive to investigate.
Joined by an oddly dressed WPC, called Pond, from Scotland.
And her medical associate; he wouldn't give his name.
Inspector Darblay finds nobody home at the farm...odd...
Suddenly a ghostly figure appears in front of Amy in the church.
Red robed figures can been seen amongst the trees.
One armed with a rifle also bears down on Inspector Darblay.
The experience officer moves quickly to incapacitate the man.
Whilst the Doctor is able to set light to another's robes.
Amy tries to tussle with the intangible figure facing her. 
She comes off worse as they fight back and forth.
Darblay fails to get the cuffs on in time. 
However, the flaming Cultist runs off into the distance.
Amy scrambles through a window to where the Police lie in wait.
The Doctor offers 'helpful' advice to the Inspector.
The Witch appears amidst the Police and seizes the initiative.
Bewitching one Constable into attacking his Sergeant.
Pastor Lawrence assaults another Bobby.
More Cultists rush towards the Doctor and the Inspector.
The Witch's chill touch takes the fight out of Amy.
The thin blue line gets thinner.
Things look bad.
The Cultist with the rifle is finally apprehended.
Baxter manages to strike the Witch, but then just seems to stop.
There's still a chance; the Cult Leader is arrested, but Darblay is hurt.
The Doctor discombobulates the Cultists enough to escape
The Doctor flees, the Inspector is wounded, and Amy is missing...
 In a fun packed game, everything went wrong for the good guys. I constantly drew negative Countdown Cards, failed strike rolls (including two rolls of 1 when trying to hit the stunned Witch) and got caught out by the fast moving and tricksy cultists. I probably wasn't aggressive enough, but the Inspector made very heavy weather of a single Cultist and the Pastor and the Witch went through the Police like a hot knife through butter. It has however, set up a possible follow up game in which the Doctor seeks to rescue Amy from a sacrificial altar.

Tune in next week...or whenever I get around to playing it...


  1. Awesome report, I love this game! I must play it soon. More please to encourage me.... ;-P

    1. Thanks. It's is such a straightforward game with endless deftness possible. I think a TMNT game might be next in the pipeline.

    2. Well that got my attention!!

  2. Wonderful and great to see a full cast of Crooked Dice miniatures, how I rue not picking up the 'not' Doctor Who ones now.

    1. I know what you mean. I was constantly thinking 'some day' about the companion models. I was lucky to scoop up these two from Grekwood Miniatures after they'd gone from the CD web store.

      It's such a shame that the Warlord miniatures are so dull.

  3. A wonderful battlereport. Not only because of the pictures and narrative, but also because of the finely painted miniatures and lovely appropriate scenery.
    Reading all these 7TV Reports really makes me pick up the game myself. I absolutely love these kind of scenarios.

    1. Give it a try. It's perfect for all those little projects you always meant to do.

      I've only scratch the surface and haven't even begun to start designing my own cards.

  4. Excellent report mate, and the figures and table look great. :)

    1. Thanks. This is pretty much the limit of my rural terrain, so to change location I'm going to have to add stuff. I definitely need more trees.

  5. Great batrep it looked really good. I wish more episodes of Midsummer Murders was like this!

    1. Midsummer Murders has a higher body count.