Saturday 14 January 2017

Scarper! It's the Rozzers!

The main part of the second of my 7TV starter sets. This time it's the Police. These five come with a Tough Detective, Investigative Academic and a Marksmen, however, at least for now, I'm not sure that those three models, lovely as they are, really fit the humdrum seventies feel of these five, and so I'm going to be backing them up with a couple of, in my opinion, more suitable models which you'll see over the next couple of days.

First up is the Sergeant. An imposing figure, with his sleeves rolled up and ready for action. He's probably my favourite of bunch.

Next up is a short, rather rotund chap who almost certainly stood on his tiptoes to pass the height requirement.

This is clearly a young officer, possibly played by Nick Berry, whose so action oriented that he's out of focus.

This hirsute chap makes me think that his name should be need to be of a certain age, and have watched BBC school based reference to know why. It annoys me that my own eyes did not pick up the flash on the hand, but the camera has. I might need to go back to that now.

The WPC has destiny to actually be the station commander in some games as my wife has expressed an interest in playing some games based on Juliet Bravo. Am I the only one who was confused as a youngster that the title wasn't the main character's name?

All in all, these have been quick and fun to paint. I really enjoy Crooked Dice miniatures, as there's a real charm to them. The lack the extraneous detail that clutters, and doesn't really add to, the modern CAD designed miniatures that seem to be all the rage. I often find that a lot of the details cause me a lot of hassle, for no real benefit, as nobody is ever going to notice that tiny buckle on the inside of the ankle.

These are simple and straightforward. I like simple and straight forward.


  1. The coppers look ace - and one of the fuzz having face fizz is even better!. :)

    He reminds me of the TV images I recall of the Miners Strikes for some reason! :)

    Excellent stuff mate. :)

    1. Thanks. They are packed full of character and fun to paint.

  2. I agree Kieron, too many minis overburdened with too much unnecessary detail. I prefer the simpler sculpts tha just look good and are fun to paint rather than a chore. These coppers are excellent

    1. Thanks.

      There seems to be an attitude of just because you can do a thing, therefore you should. It leads to complicated assembly, weird poses and fiddly bits that make me swear.

      Maybe, I've just been doing to much Batman stuff, as that's definitely Knight Models' design ethos.

  3. Nice work dude they turned out great. As per the extra detail I think that a lot of mini range sculpts can get that way especially these ones that go for realism i.e red box games, some Hasslefree, Otherworld and ranges like Scribor and Megalith. I think it is where companies are trying to target gamers and painters/collectors with the same products. For people like us who paint to play makes them seem fussy and awkward. Especially when details is in hard to reach places.

    1. I don't find Hasslefree that bad, but yes. Exavtly.