Sunday, 11 February 2018

He-Month: “I’ve had the time of my life...”

...and I feel EPIC!

Yes, I know I only posted yesterday, and I know that I had a delivery of only six models for a project that is supposed to last all month, but...

...I might have got a little carried away.

I’ve now painted four of the six Quest Miniatures and I’m loving it. A combination of really well sculpted models, bright and bold colours, and a healthy dose of nostalgia is making for one of the most enjoyable painting projects I’ve done for a good while.

Teela was the first model I did after He-Man and mixed two colours I often have issues with, white and gold.

However, the sculpting if her armour makes the gold work, and the fact she’s based on a 2D character helps with the white.

As ever, photos highlight things I might need to address, and the left shoulder might need a little work.

If you’re have any sort of grip about the model, it’s the fact that the reverse side of the shield is featureless, but again, I might go back and add some straps to it.

Enter the big bad himself, Skeletor.

The original character has a really, really simple colour scheme which I decided to liven  up with some detail taken from the 2002 cartoon version, such as the colours on his chest logo, and the black staff with an actual skull on it. I think that they liven up the character and break up the wall of blue and purple.

On the subject of the blue, I know it’s a bit dark. I’m toying with going back to it, but actually it’s growing in me. This project isn’t an attempt to totally copy the cartoon or the toy line anyway, and there will be more significant differences than this (Merman, for example), so I’m tempted just to say that this is ‘my’ Skeletor.

Evil Lyn has proved the trickiest model to paint so far, and this is mainly due to the detailing on her outfit.

Following on from Skeletor, I’ve also been more willing to vary some more of the colours to add greater variety to the overall look.

The additions have includes white fur at the top of her boots, silver arm bracelets and a pink orb on her sceptre, all aimed at making her more visually interesting.

I’ve given her a dark grey cloak, rather than black, but this was more about the deep hatred I developed for highlighting black cloaks during all my Batman painting.

Overall, I’m having a great time painting these models although there is a slight issue on the horizon. My rapid production rates will potentially leave me without models to paint later in the month.

I do have Beast Man and Man-At-Arms still to do, Orko and Trapjaw will potentially be delivered in time, and I have more scenery to work on, but I’m already turning my mind to certain other characters that I can add to my collection.

Watch this space.


  1. Fabulous job on them all. Looking forward to seeing the rest and whoever else you can make easily or convert.

  2. This is stunning work. I like the additions you've made to the otherwise mostly two-tone color schemes. I for one am not bothered by seeing more of this sooner.

    1. Thanks. The simplicity of the colours (and the models for that matter) is one of the reasons I’m getting through them so quickly.

  3. You can post these sort of articles up every day, Kieron if you'd like :-) Grand work indeed on all the minis on show, and what a great group shot too. Your Mer-Man fits in perfectly, imho.

    1. Thanks. I was worried about Merman, but he does okay. He’s also raised up higher on his base, and so he scales better than first impressions suggest.

  4. Tremendous work Kieron, and incredibly speedy output. :)

    He-Month 2018 is certainly shaping up to be a good thing - what will be do for H-Month 2019? :P

  5. This is sooo good, I’m loving He-month! Is there a battle cat do we know?

    1. Not at the moment, but there is an independent sculptor working on one that I’ve seen.