Tuesday 30 October 2018

“Now for wrath! Now for ruin!”

I’ve been plugging away at a bunch of Rohirrim for some time. I’ve been batch painting, which never goes that well fir me, but I’ve finally finished to batch.

First up is Eomer, one of my favourite characters from the books, who gets the raw end of the deal in terms of having his role reduced in film adaptations, mainly because it saves explaining who Erkenbrand is.

The model is one I’d never liked when I saw it painted by GW, but I think that was because they went for a red that was too bright. Actually I really liked painting this one, and I think the more subtle red not only looks better, but is also more true to the look from the movies.

Next up is a Royal Guard banner bearer which turned up as a nice surprise in a second hand batch of Riders I bought off eBay. The model actually looks better in the flesh, I think I’ve zoomed in too much.

Having this model provides me options, as he can operate as a banner bearer, a regular Royal Guard, a captain or even Gamling (more on that later). I haven’t added a banner yet asi haven’t decided whether I want to add one or shorten the spear to make it a regular throwing spear.

Four more regular riders. These arrived already painted, and I intended to just tidy them up a bit to match my other Riders. 

However, not only did I need to essentially repaint the whole models (hence the time it’s taken), but also several of the horses’ ankles had snapped in transit.

Broken ankles on the horses has actually been a fairly regular occurrence with my purchases of second hand Riders of Rohan. So much so that I’ve become fairly proficient at equine ankle surgery.

In future, I’ll stick to buying them new.

The Rider with the throwing spear also had a fairly mangled shield, and as these are currently in short supply, I needed something to explain the damage and draw focus from the ugly boss.

Therefore, I made use of another arrow and placed it in the crack in the shield. I actually like this enough that I might do more arrows in shields to add a bit of variety to the force.

I’ve also painted a few more foot troops. One of the (many) down sides of cavalry in this game is that you also need dismounted models, adding significantly to the amount of painting that needs doing.

This is also true of characters, and so despite not having a mounted version yet, I’ve painted Eowyn on foot. Despite being a hero, the fact that she was in disguise at the battle of the Pelennor Fields means that there’s nothing particularly interesting about the model. However, I’ve given her a tiny bit of red in her armour to tie her to the colours I used for her brother.

I’ve also painted a foot version of Gamling, which was a really nice model to paint. The sculpt did a lot of the work for me.

I do have a mounted version of Gamling in the paint queue, but until that’s done I can either use this as a dismounted Eomer or use the Royal Guard as Gamling.

So that’s my full contingent of Rohirrim, and I should be able to put together a 300 point force without too much trouble. I have a few more Riders, a mounted Gamling and an Eomer on foot still to do.

If you’re tempted to start your own Eored, I’d avoid the ankle surgery and skip buying second hand horses (seriously, I’ve had more broken horses than complete ones) and get new Riders of Rohan from Outpost. Follow the link below:


  1. Riders of Rohan come to life ... brilliant work Kieron.

    1. Thanks. They’re a bit of a chore to do, but worth it. Only 12 more to do!😳

  2. Wow! Just brilliant all around Kieron! Gamling's chainmail... still picking my jaw up off the floor.

    1. Thanks. It’s nothing fancy though, just a black wash over a darker silver. The quality of the model does most of the work.

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