Thursday 1 August 2019

Channelling Cheaphammer

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I've been on my holidays to Jersey.

As ever, part of my holiday was spent looking at things with a wargamer's eye and I thought I'd share some good spots for the game should you find yourself in Jersey.

First on the list for a historical or fantasy gamer is the frankly fantastic Mont Orgueil castle in Gorey.

This Norman castle is a brilliant place to wander about and is a textbook lesson in how much medieval builders knew about building death traps.

Whilst we're on the subject of castles, Elizabeth Castle opposite St Helier is well worth a visit as a demonstration of how fortifications developed over time. Built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this fort has been added to continuously, even by the German occupiers in WW2.

In fact, as Jersey was part of the Atlantic Wall but was never attacked, there are lots of intact WW2 defences to explore, including the War Tunnels, bunkers and command posts.

My final recommendation has nothing to do with wargaming and is a little off the beaten track. La Hougue Bie features an eclectic mix of historical artefacts and buildings all on the same site.

A neolithic passage grave (which you can enter) is topped with a Norman chapel where fake miracles were performed. Nearby is a WW2 German command bunker which has become a memorial to the forced labourers brought to the island. There is also a museum displaying a Celtic treasure hoard found in a field down the road and tells the story if the site, including the point where Victorians turned the chapel into a Githic fairytale tower. This is all topped off with a replica neolithic building to explore.

A brilliant place.

As you may expect, I also had my eyes open for potential gaming supplies.

A 30p plastic snake from Jersey Zoo, which is destined for my 7TV: Pulp games.

A slightly battered 1910 Renault I picked up in a model train store, which either needs the lamps replacing, or will get some armour plates for use VBCW or Operation Sealion games of Bolt Action.

Finally, and most surprisingly, is a Mars Attacks flying saucer that was half price in Toymaster of all places. I was on the verge of selling my Martians, but I'm now happy that I can add a centrepiece like this to what will become a new cast for 7TV.

Three more models are only a minor bit of digging in the hole I'm already in:

Acquired: 157
Painted: 87

The next post will include painted models. I promise.


  1. Looks like you had a great holiday and picked up some great little bargains to boot!

    1. Indeed I did. Honestly, the top floor of Toymaster was a complete shock. Loads of gaming stuff.

  2. It looks like a charming spot, certainly somewhere I am keen to visit.

    1. Definitely worth it. If you go, stay at the Grand Jersey, fab hotel.