Wednesday 28 August 2019

StuG in the Mud

After completing our invasion of Crete campaign, my Fallschirmjager needed to be upgraded to become the late war force they've been painted as. First item on the agenda was armoured support in the form of a StuG III Ausf G assault gun.

The kit is from Warlord Games and was fairly straightforward to assemble with the notable exception of the schurzen side armour, which were frankly a pain in the arse to line up.

I decided, seeing as I'd done camouflage on every other model in the army, I'd have a go at camouflage on the StuG. A little bit of asking around pointed me to a YouTube video which allowed me to create an appropriate camo scheme without using an airbrush. The video can be found here.

I'm really quite pleased with the results, especially the paint chipping I've done over the waterslide decals. This is something I might go back to do on my Russian vehicles.

The only slight fly in the ointment is that I bought the StuG based on the fact that it was the most common German armoured fighting vehicle in the war and so I was being historically accurate. 

However, this was before Pete pointed out that in game terms the StuG III only five points less than a Panzer IV, and although they share the same armour and main gun, the Panzer IV has the added mobility of a turret, an additional machine gun and the Tiger Fear rule. That's quite a lot of value for five points.

I really should read rules before buying stuff.

Anyway, I'm happy with how my sub-standard armoured vehicle looks, and it's another model finished.

Acquired: 164
Painted: 131


  1. But Stugs are very pretty to look at, and that must count for something.

    1. I also have the moral high ground of historical accuracy to fall back on. I shall lose with smug superiority.

  2. Lovely job on your Stug. Love the profile on this tank. It's one of my fave's

    1. I know what you mean...although it's an assault gun, not a tank.

      *strokes beard knowingly* :)