Thursday 20 August 2020

Blood Angels: Revamped

A day long feared has finally come...

Many moons ago, I built and 'painted' a Blood Angels army to take part in games of 40k at a gaming club. It was done cheaply (it was one of the projects on which I developed the Cheaphamner golden rules) and quickly.

I never really got into 40k and so the army has sat unloved in a box longer than this blog has existed. I never sold it, as it still had one remaining purpose: to prevent me spending money should the time come when the 40k urge should ever strike again.

That time is now...

The only problem was that when I opened the box in which they have been literally gathering dust, I found that the standard of my painting has improved a touch since I did them, and so some tidying up was required.

Here's an example of the before and after of the tidying up.

For some reason, I'd decided that dumping black wash over red was a good idea.

In fact, when it came to the Assault Marines, I'd also decided that black wash over yellow was also, as Matt put it, "a bold choice."

Another before and after on the 'yellow' helmets.

Therefore, what was required was a fresh layer of red, and a tidying up of the other colours I'd used as it turns out that my eyesight was getting worse long before I thought it was and the details were a bit scruffy. I also needed to add transfers on the shoulder pads

So over the last few weeks I've been working on several units and now have about 650 points of Marines redone.

Tactical Squad

Assault Squad



Death Company

Chaplain (Kitbashed)

I've not done anything fancy with any of them (including improving the basing - although I may get to that if my motivation holdsup), as that could turn into a massive rabbit hole with the other half of the army still to do.

Whilst I mention it, the rest of the army includes another Tactical Squad, a Terminator Squad, a Veteran Squad, 2 Attack Trikes, a Captain, a Razorback and a Baal Predator. I'm hoping to get them all done before the butterfly of inspiration notices a different project.

In terms of painting tallies, I've decided to count these in the painted totalbecause in reality, most of them have needed a repaint from head to foot and I really don't think I would have used them as they were.

Acquired: 222
Painted: 230


  1. Great stuff Kieron! I'm pretty sure that I read the exact same book as you and put a black wash on everything back in the day too 🤦‍♂️
    The tidying up you did looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks. I'm happy with how they're coming along.

  2. Very nice! The assault squad is my favourite.

  3. Very nice mate. Never been a big one for 40K stuff but these look great

    1. To be honest, neither have I. I just got the urge to do some and these guys prevent me remortgaging my house to buy a squad to paint.