Saturday 12 September 2020

Red ones go faster...apparently...

I appreciate it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I hit a bit of a painting block whilst continuing to work on sprucing up my old Blood Angel's army, specifically the vehicles.

It wasn't too with the models themselves, in fact they were much easier to do than the infantry. I just lost motivation, possibly because I'm now back at work and my mind was on other things. However, I've managed to get over the hump and finish them off, leaving just a few more squads of infantry to do.

The Razorback is my second transport. Probably destined to carry my Veterans, when I get to them, as it doesn't have the capacity for a full Tactical Squad. The Twin Lascannon should give enemy armour something to think about too.

My Baal Predator is the really old version (in fact, I think it was oop when I bought it second hand). It's set up for anti-infantry duty, with twin-linked autocannons in the turret, backed up by heavy flames in the side sponsons.

My Attack Trikes are models I converted from a box of bikes and my bits box, because it was cheaper than buying two Attack Bikes at the time. They are good for getting up close with their multi-meltas and turning tough targets to slag.

As well as finishing these four models, I've also managed to sell a chunk of old Batman Heroclix which I bought before I got into BMG. So, despite the hiatus, a significant rebalancing has been achieved.

Acquired: 194
Painted: 234