Thursday 24 September 2020

Camping it Up

I've been playing some fantasy skirmish games recently, and one of those games saw a group of Elven Guardians tangling with the unquiet dead around the site of an Adventurers' Camp, and so I needed to make a suitable campsite.

Fortunately, I had the perfect resource in the Mantic Adventurers' Camp Terrain Crate set, featuring a tent, campfire, bedroom, baggage and wood pile. Therefore these were painted really simply and based on an old CD.

Compared to the other Mantic Terrain Crates I've painted, this was probably my favourite set, mainly because it had no thin elements which are impossible to straighten out like the stalls and cart in the Market Day set.

A functional piece, but potentially useful for both Middle Earth SBG and 7TV: Fantasy, that is coming next year.

Despite having several parts, this is technically a single model, and so that's what I'm counting it as:

Acquired: 207
Painted: 240

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