Monday 14 September 2020

I see red people...

More Blood Angel's returned from the dim and distant (and shoddily painted) past. This time it's my Terminator squad.

These chaps came in the Battle for Macragge starter box and were easy build, snap fit models. I could swear I got one off the front of White Dwarf, but didn't use him in the squad.

These were really quick to do in comparison with the other units as the painting was less ropey. I think the 'chuck black ink at it' approach was better served with the design of these guys. So this was mainly a case of tidying the flat surfaces, touching up the details and adding a couple of transfers.

Admittedly, the bases are still boring, but that's a problem for another day.

On the subject of transfers, I've made the decision to go with white chapter badges rather than the usual black. This is because a little label on the transfer sheet said the white badges were for veterans, and as the Terminators are all from the veteran 1st company, this made sense.

The skull on the front plate is also the company insignia of the first company. I feel that these bright white details help these elite troops to really stand out from the rest.

Although the Macragge Terminators only came with storm bolters and power fists, I managed to budge together a heavy flamer by picking up a spare metal arm from the bitz drawers in my flgs.

Technically, it's a tiny bit smaller than it should be (you can see it if you put the pads of another Terminator next to it), and the arm actually belongs to a Space Wolf (hence the two teeth and wolf skull emblem), but I think it works.

Back in the day, I also kitbashed a chain fist by strapping a cut down chainsword to his power fist. I still think it works...just.

That's another five down. 16 to go.

Acquired: 194
Painted: 239


  1. Very nice. Blood Angel's always have that nostalgia feeling for me. Always reminds me of White Dwarf battle reports.

  2. I know what you mean. The original Space Hulk featured in one of the first White Dwarfs I bought.