Friday 7 May 2021

Blue Man Group

Another chunk of Tzeentch flavoured daemons painted this week. 10 Blue Horrors.

These were done in exactly the same way as the three that I began this project with, and I found it really helpful to have put my exact choice of colours in the blog post for them.

The Blue Horrors come in the same box as the Brimstone Horrors, and like them they are single pose. 

This is something that could put me off buying more of these as I'm not keen on duplicate poses for daemons serving the chaos god of change and mutation.

Assembling these chaps was fairly amusing as the multi-part nature of them is complicated by extra arms, tentacles, flames and tongues.

This meant that at times I was attaching pieces that constituted a face and a leg, or two arms and a tail.

In game, I'm not sure how much use Blue Horrors are, because the other Horrors seem to outdo them. For durability and combat you want Pink Horrors, for cheap objective grabbed you need Brimstone Horrors.

There is the option to use them for 'splitting' when Pink Horrors a killed, but this costs points that could just as easily be spent on something else.

However, for now I'm going to use them to bulk up my Pink Horror unit (because they can mix) until I get more.

Anyway, the numbers are back to being the right way round...for now...

Acquired: 81
Painted: 83

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