Sunday 5 December 2021

The Finest Miniatures In All The Land

Work on my self inflicted target of painting the entire contents of the original Heroquest box before the end of the year continues.

Any man can tell what they are from over five hundred yards away because they were made in the glory days before Games Workshop was destroyed from within.

There's not an inch of pretentious over complexity about them.

This is a Gargoyle

This is an abomination.

This is a Chaos Sorcerer, who takes on multiple roles in the games. Most notably he's the almost indestructible Witch Lord, but he also doubles as Sir Ragnar, the prisoner who needs rescuing from the Orcs and later turns traitor.

If only the heroes could have spotted his evil intent.

Many a young lad, including this one, took some of their first steps in miniature painting with these fine figures.

At times, I felt like that young lad, in the process of putting far too much paint on the Chaos Warriors and struggling with the horns that merge into both the helmet and the shoulder plates because plastic casting has come on since 1989.

Another six down and chance to pay homage to one of my favourite things on the whole internet: this cracking unboxing of Heroquest.

Only 21 to go...a possibly the furniture.

Acquired: 165
Painted: 196


  1. Nice going Kieron. Love me some old skool heroquest.

  2. love looking at these, but the "This is an abomination." line is great. but its true, all the more modern GW stuff is oversized and has to be extravagant looking.
    awesome job man!

    1. The line is a reference to the video I linked to, but I agree. However, it's not just GW. Too many manufacturers go fir overly complex sculpts. Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should.