Tuesday 5 April 2022

Here Comes The Big Boss

Back to Carnevale to finish off the contents of the starter set with the leaders of the factions: the Capodecina of the Guild and the Magi-Rashaar of (unsurprisingly) the Rashaar.

Leaders are an essential part of of any gang in Carnevale, and each faction only has two or three to choose from.

As the most powerful characters, they seem to set the tone of how your gang will play.

The Capodecina is a duelist and thief, skilled at leaping across rooftops to attack from above, with some heavy Assassin's Creed vibes.

I'm quite pleased with how he's come out despite the fact that something about this photo makes him look a bit scruffier than in real life.

I had fun painting the Magi-Rashaar, a fish man sorcerer and cult leader. I didn't really know how I was going to paint him and so made it up as I went along.

I liked using this model to tie the different greens of the slaves and the fish monsters together.

One thing that is quite noticeable with both the Magi-Rashaar and the Capodecina is that they are larger than the other human members if their gang.

It's not so much of an issue with the Magi-Rashaar, as he's a fish man and so can be whatever size he is. However, the scale difference between the Capodecina and the Fishermen is quite significant. I know that people can be different sizes, but the Fishermen are supposed to be burly types in game terms, so the difference doesn't sit right.

However, I really like the eclectic nature of the Guild gang, with the dark red tieing them together as a cohesive whole.

Similarly, the Rashaar come together as a monstrous collective which unites two halves: the bright green of the Cult of Dagon and the slimy green of the fish monsters.

As I've now completed the contents of the starter box, I'm using this as an excuse to tick off two more boxes on my Hobby Bingo card. Finishing of 'good' and 'evil' armies fir my favourite game.

Admittedly, there is some stretching here:
  • 'Finish' is always a difficult term for me, but these are two playable gang and have no more models to paint and no immediate plans to buy more,
  • They are small for 'armies', but it's in the context of a skirmish game,
  • 'Good' is a strong term for the murderous, blackmailing gangsters of the Guild, but they are closer to that concept than anyone's else in the game,
  • I'm choosing to use the term 'favourite' to mean 'current focus'.
Anyway, the boxes are ticked. Please file any complaints or objections in your nearest waste disposal receptacle.

Acquired: 48
Painted: 68

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  1. Lovely looking models, must really make a start on my Patricians, but with no local players the incentive is lacking.