Sunday 10 July 2022

All Your Franchise Are Belong To Us

Next week I shall be resuming my annual pilgrimage to Wargames Foundry to partake in this year's 7TV event: The Golden Isle.

Using the 7TV: Fantasy rules, mighty warriors from across the realms shall assemble with their creative casts built on existing or entirely original films or TV series.

And my crack team of agents shall be waiting for them, ready to consume their creativity on behalf of the ultimate evil empire.

I present: The Disney Agenda.

With the exact make up of the profiles still to be finalised, this motely bunch of 'heroes' have been assembled over a good number of years as and when I've come across appropriate miniatures.

I did, however, need to add two more to the collection.

After a couple of test games with Matt, it became apparent that the forces of the Magic Kingdom were a bit short of bodies.

Therefore I went rummaging in my daughter's old toy boxes and jumped onto eBay to add Cinderalla and Olaf to the mix.

Yes, I'm aware he's a bit big. The plan is to use him as a Water Elemental, either as part of the main cast or summoned by Elsa.

He didn't really need much painting, but I did paint the white to cover up some marks and tidied up and drybrushed the arms and buttons. The final addition was basing with Valhallan Blizzard textured paint.

Cinderalla is from Reaper Miniatures and although not totally film accurate, the intent for this miniature is ckear on their site from the paint scheme they've gone with.

A mix of drybrushing and careful washing allowed me to get some variation and detail in a dress which is a mix of different pale blues.

Most of the model was done with Caledor Sky and then different amounts of Blue Horror was drybrushed and then used on the lighter parts. I finished of by lining and shading with Drakenhof Nightshade.

The base was originally going to be grey, but I ended up copying a scheme I used for one of my Carnevale bridges and I'm really pleased with the outcome.

Cinerella joins a miscellaneous bunch of characters I've picked up over the years. Maleficent is from Hasslefree, Snow White is from Whyte Knight Miniatures and Quasimodo and Abu are both from Pulp Miniatures.

Joining Olaf from Arendelle are Elsa and Ana, who are both Northstar Miniatures from (unsurprisingly Frostgrave) and are the first Disney characters I painted many years ago for my daughter...who has since become too old for Frozen, father!

Finally, from DunBroch are Merida (again Hasslefree) and her Mum, who is a Crooked Dice bear.

Steady progress is now back on the agenda as I try to prepare for a drop pod full of Space Marines to descend into my backfield.

You can also look forward to a rambling and overlong report of the Disney Agenda's takeover bids after next weekend.

Acquired: 80
Painted: 93


  1. im not much of a disney kind of person, but i will admit, these came out great. the Olaf so clean so nice. awesome job.

  2. Lol awesome looking cast mate! Let it go!