Tuesday 19 July 2022

Keep The Faith

Whilst waiting for my delayed Mark VI Marines to arrive from eBay, I have been busying myself with the second of the two HQ units I got from Troll Trader: my Chaplain.

This 'chap' seemed to be inexplicably cheap compared to even second hand prices until I noticed during the painting process that he's missing the top of his crozius. I'm not sure this matters too much as he's essentially whacking people with a candelabra - another small spike won't make too much difference.

I also had to tidy up some of the mould contact points that hadn't been clipped neatly. Not too much of an issue, but there are a couple of areas that are rougher than I'd like.

This model represents my first real go at panel lining as I'm usually too lazy. I really like the effect here as it seems to add am almost skeletal feel to him.

I still don't think I will do this for every marine as I'd never finish a unit.

If you are intending to get this model (which has now been repackaged for Horus Heresy), I'd recommend looking at sub-assembly as trying to paint around the cloak was a real ballache.

That's two models down and painting hik did fill the time before the Tactical Marines came.

They are now here and I've begun to assemble my first five basic marines with bolters.

I'm going to work in batches as I don't like getting overwhelmed and I also want to work out how to equip them as I go. The first decision will be what sort of bayonets I should go with.

Obviously, a delivery of 20 models was going to have a negative impact on my tallies and I am going to have to fa e up to the fact that painting one model at a time isn't going to cut it.

Acquired: 119
Painted; 94

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