Sunday 6 November 2022

Gnome Alone

I had a package arrive this week which encouraged me to take a short break from trudging through my War of 1812 backlog and prompted me to make a bit of progress on some other overlooked projects.

For those with aging eyes, that's a Gnome on a fishing boat by a jetty.

This is a rendition of my character in a D&D campaign I've been participating in for a couple of months: a Gnome Rogue called Waldo 'Nimblefingers' Redcap.

The miniature is a Garden Gnome Assassin from 3DResinprintstore on Etsy - a seller I highly recommend you check out as they have an eclectic range of reasonably priced miniatures available, delivery was really fast (and free in the UK) and the print quality is excellent.

The sculpt is really charismatic and simply done, without lots of extraneous detail to faff about with. This is exactly how I like miniatures as it leads to a more chilled out experience and I put a bit more time into highlighting than usual.

This is the first resin 3D printed miniature I've bought and I'll be honest, considering the price and quality of this I can for the first time see the existential threat 3D printing potentially represents to traditional miniature manufacturers.

I'm not sure I'll ever start printing for myself, but my head has definitely been turned towards Etsy when hunting for something specific.

Having said that, there will always be a place for tradition shopping in my heart as I stumbled on this Wizkids Deep Cut boat whilst browsing in Patriot Games, one of several FLGS in Sheffield (we are really well served here).

I've been wanting a boat as a piece of terrain for the second scenario for Lurkers from the Deep for 7TV and the larger Wizkids pieces are hard-wearing and easy to paint.

I figure this won't look out of place in Carnevale or other 7TV Fantasy games either.

Painting the boat also nudged me into getting these MDF jetties from Warbases done at the same time. I've had them a while, bought specifically for Lurkers from the Deep, and I think I might actually get that game played soon.

Easy to build, easy to paint, lots of potential uses. Winner.

Another healthy bit of progress made, and I haven't totally ignored the War of 1812 project either, but as Napoleonics are the very definition of extraneous detail on miniatures, things are moving somewhat slower.

Acquired: 116
Painted: 184

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  1. Love the gnome it looks great. I can agree on 3D printing if you can find a good printer at a decent price. You can get some great minis for real good value.