Monday 22 May 2023

Army Reserves

Having recently played the second scenario from the Lurkers from the Deep feature pack for 7TV, I've decided to not leave it so long before playing the next instalment. However, it does mean that there are number of things I needed to add to my collection before scenario 3, the Battle of Marshport, can begin.

First on the list of necessary additions were a handful of US Infantry. The scenario requires 2 squads of four men, 2 sergeants, an officer, a medic and a flamethrower. I had already painted an officer, a sergeant, a medic and 3 men a few years ago to accompany Captain America to a 7TV: Pulp event, meaning I still needed to paint another 7 models.

The models are all from a single sprue of Bolt Action US Infantry (just like the last lot) and once again I was reminded how fiddly multi-part plastic kits can be. This is not the best reminder given that I have about 25 Space Marines still sitting on sprue for my Horus Heresy army.

When it came to painting I needed to return to previous posts to try to guess what colour combinations I had used. I think I got it pretty much spot on (although there was a mistake with the webbing on one of them that needed correcting,

However, for some reason, the Agrax Earthshade I slopped over them at the end came out much darker than previously, and so I had to return to the jackets to highlight them up, and tendon the same with the original six models to get consistency in the unit.

I also needed to revisit the bases of the original models and add a more vibrant static grass as I had clearly run out of the stuff I use on the first batch of six.

Astute observers will have noticed that I still need to do a flamethrower, which is true and one is inbound as I type, but this means that the forces of law and order are now pretty much complete. However, before the next scenario can be played, the cultists of Dagon still need some reserves, in the gruesome form of a shoggoth, for which I am going to try something a bit creative.

Excitingly, this post also marks the Lead Mountain finally sneaking below the 500 models mark. A definite milestone.

Acquired: 69
Painted: 173
Lead Mountain: 495

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