Saturday 6 May 2023

Easy Rider?

In the spirit of finishing things off, I turned my attention to the only Judge Dredd miniature I currently have that wasn't painted in the last batch. Joe Dredd himself on his Lawmaster patrol bike.

The model is resin and came in two halves (front and back) with separate handlebars. The pieces went together reasonably well with a little bit of trimming, but there were some air bubbles and miscast elements on base of the back half and, more annoyingly, on the rear of the front section, so that they are actually visible. These are not major issues, but the casting is far from perfect.

The rider came in pieces and also had more issues putting together than the judges on foot, for example one of the arms came separate and I had to work to deal with quite a big gap between the shoulder pad and the body.

Additionally, this version of Dredd is a bit more spindly than the model on foot, although does have the same weird jutting jaw which although in character, ends up looking like he doesn't have a mouth. All in all, I like the model, but I feel it could have been better.

When it came to the painting, I used exactly the same approach as with the judges on foot and comic book colours make things easier, although I did do more highlighting as the flat surfaces needed something to liver them up.

I also took the time to give the Lawmaster a computer screen. I don't know whether it's supposed to be there, but given the bikes have A.I. it seemed to make sense. It also amused me to give it a monochrome screen suitable to what might have been considered high-tech in the early 80's.

Despite the flaws in the model, I am happy with how it's turned out. It certainly looks the part. It also feels like it would be fairly easy to duplicate my painting to make any more Lawmasters I get look consistent.

Once again, even if I don't play the Judge Dredd: I Am The Law very much, have Dredd on a Lawmaster increases the likelihood of me using him in 7TV:Apocalypse games.

In other news, Pete has kindly given me six plastic US troops to make the missing models I need for the next Lurkers From The Deep scenario, so I'll be getting on with them soon.

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Painted: 158
Lead Mountain: 507

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