Sunday 3 December 2023

Pimp Our Ride

I'm picking up pace with getting through my Gorkamorka gang and have managed to finish off another vehicle and the rest of the infantry I have.

Enter the Wrecking Crew!

Trukks are important in Gorkamorka as they allow you to transport your Boyz into battle more effectively than bikes and buggies and trakks.

The rules in Gorkamorka allow you to transport as many models as you can sensibly load on the vehicle (hence the small bases) which makes for a far more satisfactory visual aesthetic for transporting troops than in most games and the Orks are packed in tightly.

At the moment, this Trukk can carry about five Boyz, alongside the driver and gunner, thanks to the extra gubbinz on board, although I suspect I could squeeze another one in if necessary.

I say this because starting mobz in Gorkamorka can usually only afford a single Trukk if they don't want to be perilously short on numbers, which means I will need to bear in mind that my initial gang probably has a capped size of 7 or 8 when we eventually start playing.

The Trukk itself is 'Wrecker Trukk' which I bought separately from the main game to add to the Trukk and Trakk I got from my half of the starter box.

It is essentially a basic plastic Trukk sprue with additional metal bits, including the wrecking ball, a ram, several glyph plates, an ammo box, a skull on a spike, a racked blunderbuss and an alternate torso for the driver. All of which add a bit of character and individuality to the Trukk.

If I'd thought about it more at the time, I'd have spread the metal bits out across my other vehicles to pimp out more of them. The ammo box might have looked better on the Wartrakk for example.

Despite the metal driver torso, the driver and gunner were a bit of a pig to paint. Their awkward poses,, poor detail on the gunner's body and head and the frankly shockingly bad assembly I'd done on fitting their arms to their bodies mean that I don't particularly want to look too closely at them.

Fortunately, once place within the vehicle a lot of their shortcomings disappear. I've left them loose so I can remove them as necessary in games.

I didn't do this with the crew of the Wartrakk because they are less likely to dismount, the rider was harder to get out cleanly and I didn't think about it until I'd stuck them in.

The process of painting is largely the same as I used for the Wartrakk. Black undercoat, sprayed silver, red bits and other gubbinz picked out, then a liberal wash in Agrax Earthshade before sponge chipping the red and going over other elements to highlight them.

I'm really happy with this approach and I'll be maintaining it for any future Ork vehicles I paint. The won't always be red, but most will be as red ones go faster.

The five Boyz I've painted are the plastic models from the starter set. They're not the best models in the world, but they are serviceable. There is enough variation in the arms and heads to make them look different enough from each other, and I've added to this by cobbling together the arm throwing a stikkbomb from a spare biker arm, and one of the blades is actually from a zombie sprue.

I now definitely have enough models to start playing and only actually have a biker left to paint for Gorkamorka. Playing games is now waiting on Matt digging out his stuff and painting it.

No pressure Matt.

Really, it's fine.

Take your time...

In other news I've sent off my annual 7TV Secret Santa parcel and will eagerly await what comes in return. I've not done any more counting of the models I'm keeping from the hoard as I've been a bit busy, however, I will get this done before the end of the year.

Acquired: 195
Painted: 289
Lead Mountain: 525


  1. Great work on the wrecker Trukk, as I recall there were two different trukks with metal gubbinz available at the time, but can not think what the other was called. using the bits over several trukks would have helped add variation, but then this one wouldn't have looked so cool ! Great work on the boyz as well, a mighty fine gang indeed.

    1. It was the Spear Gun Trukk that had a boarding ramp as well. The boys aren't as good as the metal ones, but they'll do.

  2. A great trukk and the boys stick better with some cunningly placed rare earth magnets on bases and the vehicles. Just saying!!!!!

    1. Dat sounds like sum kind of sooper teknoligee. Me not a mekboy.

  3. Fantastic work on both the trukk and the boyz, makes me feel very nostalgic. Gorkamorka was my gateway into the hobby, I remember painting a trukk like this and converting it into a wrecker trukk - since I was missing the mounting of the wrecking ball, I built it out of sprues, haha :D