Friday, 23 August 2019

Getting Board Now

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm working on a lost world themed board for the Board in Brum 7TV day in September, and two new larger elements are now completed, getting me 3very closer to a full board set up.

The larger piece makes use of a piece of mdf I've had hanging around my gaming space for a good few years and I've had several thoughts on how to use it in that time. However, it's only the impending 7TV event that has prompted me to tackle such a large piece.

Rather than do a full section of jungle, water or rocks I've decided to mix the three to create a varied piece of terrain, complete with routes through so that it doesn't block off huge chunks of the board.

As with previous pieces, the plants are cheap plastic ones from pet shops and pound shops, the livid colours don't need to look realistic for my purposes, complemented by lichen to create undergrowth and strands from a plastic grass sample sheet as reeds.

The large flower is something I made for Poison Ivy back when I was playing the Batman Miniatures Game before Knight Models had made any plants for her. I'm glad I've been able to fund another use for it.

The water is the main reason that production of this piece slowed to a crawl as I bought some water effect (Still Water is the brand) and it turned out to be totally rubbish. It took ages to dry, dried cloudy, cracked and flaked off. After two tries with it, I settled for a healthy dollop of PVA, and I think it works. The bubbles aren't great, but they're not a massive issue in a swamp.

The croc is part of a plastic toy I picked up in Australia. Although the model itself wasn't great, I sliced the top off the head and the back and personally I think it works.

The rocky pool is actually a lizard feeding bowl I picked up cheap from a pet shop. I'm less sure about this as I don't think there's enough foliage to hide its original purpose, however I've now run out of plastic plants and ivy, so I may add more in time. On the up side, it didn't need painting apart from the pool and it puts something different on the table. I may return to this one to improve it.

I've probably got enough for a table now, but I'm playing a game with Matt tomorrow and so I'll get a chance to check and see if I need to add a few more pieces of scatter terrain.

Although big, this only counts as two models, but it's still positive progress and at least they're out of the queue now.

Acquired: 158
Painted: 124


  1. Nice work. It's coming along nicely

  2. The murky, boggy pool actually looks cool. The croc is a nice touch too.

    1. I'm pleased with how the pool turned out eventually.

  3. Yes indeed ... that croc in muddy waters is a cool touch.

    1. Cheers, I was glad to get use out of the model.

  4. Looks fantastic Kieron! Agree with everyone else, that croc looks the business 😀