Sunday 19 December 2021

An Eye For Interior Design

A bit more progress on getting my Heroquest set painted before the end of the year. Another busy week of work has got in the way, so I went for a few easy wins with the furniture to go along with the three Fimir.

Fimir are one of my favourite monsters from the Warhammer universe, although they were written out many years ago die to their less than family friendly method of reproduction.

My first encounter with the Fimir was in Heroquest, where they stand between the Orcs and the Chaos Warriors in terms of toughness.

Painting them involved a significant amount of Agrax Earthshade, and I kept them uniform as I don't really imagine this almost hive-race having much in the way of individuality.

It's amazing that so many years on that the Heroquest furniture still holds up. There are definitely better options available, but pieces like this tomb are still eminently useable.

Admittedly, the cardboard elements on pieces like the fireplace ate showing their age, but I assume it's a relatively cheap method of production which I'm surprised has never really been copied.

Of the three grey pieces of furniture, the altar is the most involved, but as ever I've kept things simple. I can see this turning up in a variety of genres, especially Pulp adventures, such as further installments of Lurkers of the Deep.

Another six pieces down. I have the heroes, Orcs and the wooden furniture to do. Next up are the heroes because I want a bit of variation.

Acquired: 161
Painted: 208


  1. Looking good there! The best thing about Heroquest is the tiny furniture!

    1. I'm replacing my regular furniture with it and warming my feet by the cardboard fire.

  2. Great work on the tome & candles! One of these days I may need to haul our my copy to add to the painting queue...I still use that furniture in so many games!