Thursday 23 December 2021

Heroes of Legend

Having churned through the minions of Morcar for Heroquest, I decided to take a break from batch painting to tackle the four heroes: Rogar the Barbarian, Ladril the Elf, Durgin the Dwarf, and Telor
the Wizard.

One of the things that I never really appreciated until I actually started painting them is that the red plastic the models are made in reflects the colour palettes of these four in the artwork.

Ladril the Elf mixes the ability to fight with the ability to wield magic (he's clearly a bard). When I played as a hero, I used to favour this ability to do a little bit of everything over the specialisms of the Barbarian and the Wizard.

I experimented with using Apothecary White contrast paint for his hair and I like the outcome enough that I suspect that a Geralt of Rivia might be somewhere in my future.

I remember painting Telor as an Elf mage to go with the plastic High Elves that came in the 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle box, so it was nice to revisit the model.

I'm slightly concerned that the red gloves and cape give him a bit if a superhero vibe, but Khorne Red washed in Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted is a bit more subtle than a certain child of Krypton, so I think I get away with it.

Durgin the Dwarf is the character chosen by true connoisseurs of the game. His abilities are subtle yet powerful in ensuring the heroes survive their quests.

I've always wondered whether Durgin was based on the White Dwarf magazine logo, or the logo was based on Durgin.

Rogar the Barbarian wielding his mighty Browdsoard. Heroquest easy mode. Look at the muscularity!

Actually, please don't, I've messed up the legs and probably need to revisit them. However, I can at least feel confident that my painting has improved since the last at time I did this model.

Another 4 down (only Orcs and some furniture to go), and I'm feeling confident that I'm going to meet my goal. I'm also feeling confident that no matter what Santa brings, I have enough of a gap to still be in the black by the time the new year rolls around.

Acquired: 161
Painted: 212

There won't be any more posts until after the weekend, so I'll take this opportunity to with all my readers (both of them) a Merry (and safe) Christmas.

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