Wednesday 29 December 2021


Get it?

They're Orcs. They're gone from the painting queue. There's eight of them.


Tough crowd.

Basically, I've finished the Orcs from Heroquest just in time for our annual Crimbo shindig, this year with added festive lateral flo-ho-ho (that cracker joke credit goes to Pete, before he complains).

I don't know whether it was the fact that they were the last stretch; that there were eight of them; or that the sculpts are probably my least favourite in the box, but I really found painting the Orcs a bit of a chore.

Added to that, there were a much larger amount of problematic mould lines and flash on these models compared to everything else in the Heroquest set, meaning that I've still not quite cleaned up several areas.

There was a single broken weapon to fix, which was done once again by using the oversized weapons from the old GW Zombie sprue.

Although these guys aren't great, they are done and I've painted the entire set in just over a month, which doesn't feel like bad going.

These are likely to be my last finished models of the year, meaning that unless there are some VERY generous gifts in the post, I have significantly beaten my target of painting more than I acquire.

Acquired: 165
Painted: 232

I shall be back in a couple of days with my traditional resolutions and round up of the year post.