Sunday 26 June 2011

June Progress Update

So, I've decided to call time on June's progress. This week is likely to be a bit busy, so painting time will be limited - I don't think I'll gate anything else finished by Thursday.

Anyway, here's the army shot I've been promising:

Progress for this month is as follows:
  • 5 Peasant Bowmen, defensive stakes and brazier - unit completed
  • 5 Men-at-Arms painted, transfers added to shields and banner - unit completed
  • Transfers added to one Pegasus Knight
  • 3 Knights of the Realm painted, transfers added to whole unit
  • 1 Grail Damsel painted - character completed
Next months target will be:
  • 2 more Pegasus Knights to complete the unit
  • 2 more Knights of the Realm to complete the unit
  • 1 Paladin Battle Standard Bearer
I know it doesn't seem a lot, but I've found that knights really take me some time to complete and with the exception of the second Grail Damsel I need to paint, everything else I have ready to paint is a bit too big to add to this months target (i.e. I wouldn't get them done).

So I'm done for the month and only need to score the others. We've decide to make each month a mini-competition with each of us throwing in £1 for a prize that must be put towards the project. The winner is decided by us by each of the 11 gamers giving the others a score out of ten.

Lee's said that how we mark things is our own business, but I thought it might be worth setting out the criteria I'll be using so that everyone knows I'm being consistent.

Progress (0-3 marks)
0 - no progress from last month
1 - less progress than I've made
2 - roughly the same amount of progress made as me
3 - more progress than me

Painting (0-3 marks)
0 - nothing painted this month
1 - painting is of a standard that I deem to be worse than mine (not likely, looking at the blogs)
2 - painting seems comparable to my standard
3 - painting is clearly better than I can do

Blog (1 mark awarded for each of the following)
1 - regular updates (roughly one per week) as I like to have something to read
1 - lots of pictures of figures
1 - content other than painting log (battle reports, comment and discussion, etc.)

Bonus Mark
This point is kept for me to give to only one other participant for something that stick in my mind from the month. For example, this month Tom is likely to get the bonus point because his display board for his Orcs really impressed me. It will also serve as a consolation prize for when he loses the Blood Bowl final!!!

So that's how I'll be awarding marks during the 11 gamers project. It will be interesting to see how others are doing it. Roll on Thursday.


  1. You can always trust a teacher to come up with a grading system ;)

  2. These are looking great btw. I love the little house sat there in the background. Makes me want to make a Waystone for my elves. Least I get to re-use all those empty nappy boxes.