Tuesday 7 June 2011

Welcome to Cheaphammer!!!

Why start a blog?

Well, the short answer is because I've been told to. Our wargaming club has begun a Tale of 4 Gamers (retro White Dwarf stylee) project and to join in I've got to report my updates on a blog.

So, what's the project?

Bretonnians. A Bretonnian army I started last year and kind of lost interest in about the time the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle came out. It wasn't to do with not enjoying the new edition, it was more that I was a bit Warhammered out and got side-tracked into an awful lot of historical gaming, which culminated, six-months later, with a campaign.

So, why Cheaphammer?

Well, I thought that seeing as I was writing a blog, I'd take the opportunity to get on my soapbox and wax lyrical about my own approach to collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers for as little cost as possible, without compromising on the aesthetics (i.e. paper counters, proxies and unpainted figures are right out).

I'll begin with giving you a guided tour of what I'd already done, along with some piccies, and outline some of the key concepts of Cheaphammer.

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