Sunday 12 June 2011

Open Fire! - First Unit Complete

Well, as promised I have actually managed to do some painting this weekend and I've completed my first unit...Peasant Archers! Not only have I painted the five models required to complete this unit, I've also added a brazier and defensive stakes. How quick am I?

This technically means that I've completed June's challenge requirement of painting one unit. I know that I've set myself a more ambitious target, but legal loopholes may be required later in the month as Lee has mentioned forfeits!

20 Peasant Bowmen with a unit standard, musician and braziers only comes to 140 points, and I'm some way from a playable army, but it's a start. I'll make decisions about whether to include a champion when I've got a Grail Damsel of foot looking for a bunker, however the guy with more armour will serve in that role should I need him too.

So, next stop Pegasus Knight!

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