Sunday 31 July 2011

July Progress Update

Well, another month gone and another chunk of progress done on the army. I'm really happy with what I've done this month which includes: 2 Knights of the Realm, 2 Pegasus Knights, 1 'Trebuchet', a Battle Standard Bearer and a Dragon (who counts because of Transformation of Kadon!!!).

I'm really finding this blogging lark to be an effective motivator for me; not only with regard to the Bretonnians, but in terms of gaming in general. I'm making good painting progress, I'm going out of my way to arrange more games, I developed a campaign systems and I've really got moving on a long dormant project (which will probably make its first blog appearance this week). All in all, the sense of comradeship I'm getting from this is inspiring probably my most productive period ever in terms of wargaming. Soppy stuff, but true.

Anyway, on to next month. I'm finally going to set a proper single unit target this month as I aim to paint up a unit of 5 Knights Errant. I'm already aware from my initial battles that this unit will be too small to be truly effective and will probably need more Knights added at a later date, however, I'm Cheaphammering here - I don't have more of them! What's more, 5 is a reasonable target, I'm self-aware enough to know that more would be pushing it.

To go with the Knights Errant, I'll also be painting up the second Damsel, this one is mounted, to add further magical backbone to the army. Should I get to bonus time, I've also got an idea in the pipeline, informed by my experiences in the Storm of Game (and what I've got in my bits box).

So that's it for July: 10 posts, 3 games, 1 win and 13 models for WFB. Not bad for me!


  1. A day late with that final picture... tut tut tut. For some reason your updates aren't showing up in my list of followed blogs... have you turned a setting off?

  2. What setting? I'm not doing anything differently.

    And what do you mean a day late? It was posted on Sunday 31st.

    Stop picking holes in me and go and read the rulebook again. :P

  3. Don't know what setting it is, just that usually when I log onto my blog it displays that you have updated. The last 2 posts it hasn't... maybe its the system trying to get me to use the RSS stuff. ergh!

    When Lee set this up it was display models to be marked on the penultimate day of the month and then send marks to Lee on the last day. Read the comp rules again ;b.

  4. And if you'd read the forum you'd have seen that I was away this weekend and would endeavour to get my final post up on Sunday...which I did.

    Doesn't really matter though. Craig's going to win this month! I don't stand a chance with my photography, or painting.

  5. I know I'm just teasing...

    yup agree... Craig has it in the bag! grrr. How can we stop him monopolising the comp?

    You seen my august ambition? Think i will struggle getting all 28 LSG painted so might need to supplement with soem Wood Elves for our September 1st battle :(

  6. Given that you're aiming for a unit per month, make your target 10 (the minimum unit size) and then see how many others you can get done as a bonus.

    That way you succeed and don't have to compromise quality of painting.