Sunday 24 July 2011

Raising The Standard

Ta daaaaaa....!

The Battle Standard Bearer is done and not only have I completed my July target (plus the bonus mortar), but I've also now got a fully painted, game legal, 1200 point Bretonnian army for less than £30 as this guy was bought at Triples last year at the same time as the Damsel I painted last month, and he was obtained at a knockdown price (£2.50 I think).

I was a bit worried about the banner initially. I was worried that it would be too fussy (were I not Cheaphammering, I would probably have avoided this model), but I'm actually quite happy with how it's turned out. Lee assured me, as his Chaos Knights were stamping all over my army, that my painting does look much better in the flesh than on this blog, and I'm inclined to agree with him as I'm really happy with how the army is looking; I just need to improve my photography.

In terms of colour scheme, I've kept with the red and blue, but allowed the pale blue that I'm using for 'Grail Units' (Grail Knights, Damsels, Battle Pilgrims) to be the main colour on the banner. I've also gone for white barding on his horse, rather than buff, to be a subtle indicator of characters. One of my bugbears about Bretonnian armies is you often can't tell who the heroes are. I figured I'd help my opponents and let them know who to kill...I'm nice like that.

So, we're fully into bonus time for the next week...what's that coming over the hill?


  1. How are you taking the pictures? They all look a bit heavy on the flash to me. Can you get more natural light to where you take them and turn the flash off?

    I could always bring my fancy schmancy camera round and take some pics of the army if you want.

    Anyway, the model looks nice and I like the marking out of characters in the colour scheme!

  2. Thanks, I think it's because I always end up painting and blogging in the evening once my daughter's gone to bed.

    Looks like we might be busy next Thursday. :)

  3. I found the best way to take them is in heavy MACRO mode on a wooden varnished table. I take all of mine at night too to avoid wandering fingers!