Sunday 5 April 2020

Cheaphammer Has A Webstore

Sorry, damn auto-correct, I meant Webstor.

Yet another animal themed henchman for Skeletor, this time it's spiders. Webstor is the master of traps and spiders and is probably my favourite Masters of the Universe character.

Partly, this is due to my thesis on spiders being the apex fantasy monster, however it's also due to Webstor being one of the action figures I had and frankly having the best gimmick: a grappling hook which head actually 'climb'.

The design of this sculpt, done by the same sculptor as Kobra Khan, is based on the 2002 reimagining of He-Man, which, in my opinion, really improved the look of most of the characters. Especially Webstor, who gained extra arms, and creepy, hunched pose.

Painting this was an absolute joy, as, once again the quality of the model really helped me out. I'm amused by the fact that the original colour scheme, combined with the extra arms, makes him look more than a little like a genestealer.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this might a totally be my favourite model I've ever painted.

Well chuffed.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 84


  1. One of my favouroze characters when I was a kid. I played for hours with it's climbing mechanism. Fantastic colours and basing, he looks great!

    1. I was patiently waiting for somebody to come along and sculpt him, and I was more than spoiled by what appeared.

  2. Lovely paint job on a great sculpt.

  3. Oh wow, I may have gone all in too soo, this was is awesome!