Thursday 9 April 2020

Enjoy The Little Things

Back to the Masters of the Universe today with two of the smaller characters: Orko and Imp.

Imp is Hordak's pet, confidante and spy, able to transform into other creatures and known for taking pleasure in pointing out the failures of the rest of the Horde.

The sculpt is from the same sculptor as Webstor and Kobra Khan and is based on the original series of She-Ra, rather than the Netflix one, where the Imp is more cherub and less piggy. The wings were fiddly as well to attach, but the details in the face are excellent.

Orko is from the same sculptor and came as a freebie with another order for something a little larger that I'm currently working on.

This is the second Orko I've done, the first used 'Norko' from Heresy Miniatures and was more based on the 2002 cartoon. I prefer the new one as Orko, but Norko will now serve as another Trollan when necessary, such as Snoob, one of the many extra Trollans that show up from time to time to irritate and annoy both the Eternians and the viewers.

I've only got a couple more Masters of the Universe miniatures to go in my backlog, but they are both a little larger than what I've already done over the last week.

Another two bite the dust.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 91


  1. Perfect companion pieces Kieron. Loving the basing too.

    1. Thanks, it's just slate from the garden painted grey and washed.