Saturday 11 April 2020

The Big Stink

And my final Masters of the Universe offering in this current avalanche is the aromatic, skunk-themed villain, Stinkor.

Stinkor was released as one of a pair of scented toys with Moss Man. Whereas Moss Man was basically Beastman, painted green, covered in velvet and dipped in air freshener, Stinkor was Merman, painted black, given different armour and made to smell 'musky.

I never had one, so I don't know what he actually smelled like, but I know I didn't like the idea of smelly toys.

The model is by the same sculptor that did my Ram-Man and Fisto, and has the same chunky, characterful build as them.

If I'm honest, he's probably a bit too big for Stinkor (that's a 40mm base he's on). The larger size didn't really matter for bruisers like Fisto and Ram-Man, but doesn't sit well with how I see Stinkor. 

However, he's not a character I'm deeply attached to, and in the 2002 cartoon he was created by an accident in Tri-Klops' lap which mutated him and caused him to grow. Let's just assume he kept growing.

So that's the last of my Masters of the Universe miniatures done for now. I've got an order in for sculpts of Faker, Mekanek and a Sky Sled; I'm hoping to pick up more Palace Guards and Horde Troopers when they become available; there's a Heroclix conversion of Buzz-Off I'd like to try; and I'll continue to keep my eye out for suitable proxies for the inhabitants of Etheria.

But for now, that's it. I'm now going to bombard you with progress on other projects.

One more added to the plus pile.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 93


  1. Stinkor smelled like a skunk. I can actually recall the smell pretty well. The smell wasn't overpowering (you had to actually sniff it to smell anything) and didn't stick to your hands. After a while, the smell faded away and you were just left with another MOTU figure.
    But who knows what chemical made that scent? Hopefully it was safe for kids.

    1. It was the 80s. Safety wasn't anybody's priority.

    2. I had one and I remember it contaminated the rest of my figures pretty quick. If i were to open that old box I'm pretty sure they would still smell. I remember my mother tried to clean that smell submerging the figure in soap water for days, with little effect. Wasn't exactly an awful smell, just... persistent. Not a great idea overall :)

    3. I've actually been giving this much more thought than I should, and it seems the same scent was used on other toys of the era, with similar "gross-out" appeal. IIRC, there was a "Mad Ball" that also smelled like Stinkor.
      Great job on the miniature, by the way. I meant to say that!

  2. What a great one to finish with, grand job Kieron.

    1. Thanks. The chunkiness makes painting it quite straightforward.

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