Monday 13 April 2020

Equal Rites

As I move on to pastures new, I've set myself the eminently achievable goal of completing my 7TV Children of the Fields cast, most of which I picked up during Crooked Dice's first Kickstarter campaign.

First up are these two female cultists.

I actually picked these up only a few weeks ago, using the voucher I won at Board in Brum. I wanted to add some 'man' power to my occult cast and I'm never overly keen on using duplicate models.

I've painted them in exactly the same way I did the original cultists, that is, very simply. I think I commented when I first painted the occult starter set that I really like the simplicity of these models.

The other thing I like, and this is true across the Crooked Dice range, is that these are female miniatures which avoid the somewhat cringeworthy tendency in our hobby to over-sexualise the female form. These two are simply going about their nefarious business without feeling the need to bend over suggestively or wear significantly less clothes than the men.

Cultists are an extremely useful resource for a wargame, as they fit in all sorts of settings, from modern and pulp, through Call of Cthulhu and Victoriana to medieval fantasy. In fact, in my cult there's only the two with guns that wouldn't fit in all those genres.

In terms of Children of the Fields, the community of Winterly is some sort of nature cult, with a touch Satanism thrown in (think The Wicker Man meets The Devil Rides Out), and as such almost all of my cultists fit right in. The only ones I wouldn't use for this cast are the one with the SMG and the High Priest, as the cult leader, Yvonne de Vries, is female, and in my version is played by Sigourney Weaver (back right of the photo).

I'm planning to get all of my Children of the Fields painted over the coming days, including the characters Mr Mangel and the Crow King, four scarecrows (or 'Corn Dolls'), two Mast Beasts, a murder of crows, and the ferocious one-eyed beast, Old Shuck. I'm tempted to also do a little pastoral terrain to go with them.

For now, however, that's two done.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 95


  1. I really like these miniatures. The whole range captures that Hammer/Wicker Man feel really well. Very nice painting, too.

    1. Cheers, but it's really nothing more than base coat with a wash.

      I love the whole vibe of Crooked Dice minis. So uncomplicated.

  2. I agree. CD minis are full of character, but devoid of "stuff" - there's nothing there that they don't need. Makes them a joy to paint :)

    1. I get really put off by modern plastics with their bizarre poses and a billion parts featuring every possibly bit of extraneous detail to paint.

  3. Now they look the part! Tempted by some of those myself.

    1. They're lovely minis. Ronseal sculpts - do exactly what it says in the tin.