Friday 17 April 2020

Market Day

I'm waiting on some 40mm bases before I can continue with my Children of the Fields cast, and so I thought I'd add some themed scenery: Winterly Market.

This is the Market Mantic Terrain Crate that I got for Christmas. Just like the Treasury set, it's made from a soft plastic, but unlike the treasury it has some quite thin elements like the stall awnings and the cart wheels. These have resisted the hot water trick and refuse to be straightened, which would put me off getting other Terrain Crates with thin parts.

However, the solid bits, like the stalls and the piles of goods (like the pieces from the Treasury, are great.

Moan out the way, despite the slight bend, I had fun with the stalls. I've even sorted my orange issue with a light coverage of the dry paint Ryza Rust to the carrots. It wouldn't work for large areas, but I've gone back and highlighted the pumpkin in the last post.

I can see these being used in 7TV (obviously), possibly Rangers of Shadow Deep, and even Lord of the Rings (although I might need to make The Shire to use them).

The piles of goods are my favourite bits in the set, and I can see them cluttering up all sorts of game boards as scatter terrain.

The barrels aren't from Mantic, but are some leftover Renedra barrels, which have their own issues with the halves not matching up correctly. Sticking them together as a clump reduces how noticeable this issue is.

The horse and cart is probably the most useful piece in the set, once you get past the wonky wheels. Again suitable for all kinds of fantasy and historical settings, I could even potentially use it to tow artillery in Bolt Action.

I suspect that I might need to fashion a range of potential drivers for it.

I've kept the cart separate so that it can also be used as terrain when needed, and can be filled with any of the goods piles, or even mounds of gold.

All in all, it's a cool little set, marred only slightly with the bending issue. However, as scenery, it's not too much of a worry.

I'm counting this as six models (even though the stalls came in several pieces) painted, as the bigger pieces are countered by the smaller ones. There is still a pile of cloth bolts to do, but I wasn't particularly inspired to do them. I've got a little pile of Mantic leftovers I'll add it to.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 115

Yes, I have noticed, but I'm not going to get too excited as my birthday is next week...


  1. These look great, but interesting to read about the plastic.

    1. Yeah, I think I'd think twice about sets where warping is more likely to happen. If I'd paid full price, I'd be more annoyed.

      Certainly for cheap carts, you're better off with some mdf ones from companies like Warbases.

  2. Very nice accessories, they'd make a rich addition to every tabletop!

    1. Cheers, it's nice to add a bit of personality.

  3. I've got this set waiting to be painted, too, and I've had the same problem with it bending out of shape. It's a shame as the piles of goods are very nice. Anyway, they look good, especially the cart.

    1. Thanks. The frustration with the warping lead to me being fairly quick and dirty with painting, and actually it worked out okay as I got them done and they look fine.