Wednesday 8 April 2020

To Arms!

Quick post today. I've been basing and undercoating the next round of MotU figures, so I took the opportunity to finish off a couple of pieces from the Mantic Treasury Terrain Crate.

I've not done anything clever with these as I wanted to get them done quickly for a game of Rangers of Shadow Deep at the weekend, as one of the rooms we might encounter is an armoury.

They're not actually as good as the piles of gold, as the spear and halberd are very bendy and the nature of the soft plastic means that some areas are merged when they should be. However, as pieces of terrain for occasional use  they are fine.

I went with blue and red arms to match the main colours of my Bretonnian army, just because.

Anyway, they're done.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 89


  1. Nice bits of scatter terrain. I dare say the issues you pointed will get noticed at arms length anyway.

    1. That's my thought. They're not meant to be the focus of attention, so passable is fine by me.

  2. I wondered what they were at first, I blame my failing eyesight and a small picture on my phone. Now on the laptop and deeply impressed!

    1. That's kind, but they were done in a very slapdash manner.