Monday 26 July 2021

Loot Crate

I fancied a change of pace and so turned my attention to the remains of the Battlefield Objectives Terrain Crate from Mantic Games.

I did the larger pieces (the standing stones and warning beacon) a couple of months ago, and so set about finishing off the smaller objectives.

This was a really fun and eclectic set to paint up, without any of the long thin elements that are prone to warping, making this by far my favourite of the Terrain Crates I've painted.

I didn't do anything too clever with painting as the soft plastic doesn't hold smaller details amazingly well.

The weapon crate and chest off gold will go well in a dragon's horde, a monster ridden dungeon or a throne room.

They will fit in with the Treasury pieces I did a couple of years ago and like with them, I've made the shields match with my Bretonnian army, which is finding use in games of 7TV Fantasy.

These three pieces have more of a black powder feel to them, and so are more likely to feature in Napoleonic games (should I ever finish my War of 1812 army) or ganes set in the Warhammer Old World.

The supplies chest is more generic, and so is likely to shown up in villages and farms from WW2 to the middle ages or Middle Earth.

The largest piece of the eight is a representation in plastic of what happens if you shoot the messenger.

I've gone with a green cloak on the rider to allow this to fit (to an extent) on Rohan themed tables in MESBG.

The final two pieces make for a really fun little diorama of a damsel in distress having been placed as a ready made kebab for a hatchling dragon.

I'm not sure why she's been sacrificed, although it might be something to do with the fact that she doesn't appear to have a nose, and looks a little bit like a zombie (as I said, the plastic doesntvreally hold small details). I think I've made it look okay with shading, but don't go too close.

The dragon egg just makes me want to paint a dragon to go with it.

I really like doing odd bits like this, as they certainly make a change from my usual faire and I never truly know when I'm going to get use out of them, but they certainly have possibilities for Lord of the Rings, or as Macguffins in 7TV.

Acquired: 109
Painted: 122

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