Saturday, 24 July 2021

She'll Put A Spell On You

One of the things that you need to accept about searching for proxy miniatures, is that the model you eventually use will never be perfect.

This is something that can be more pronounced if your subject is somewhat niche in wargaming (e.g. Superheroes), female (as there just isn't the same range to explore as males), or has features which are fairly period specific (e.g. haircuts, outfits, etc.).

All of which apply to the fifties/sixties themed Freedom Force superheroine, Alche-miss.

The main part of this model is Striga, from Kitbash games (whose range of superheroes draw on a lots of sources for inspiration), whilst the head is from the old Wargames Factory female survivors.

I think the head is a little large, but I just about get away with it. However, this is not the only element that is 'not quite right, as you can see from the game art.

The hair, the neckline, the skirt, the mask and the boots are all compromises, but I feel the miniature is close enough for her to pass muster as Alche-miss.

I might possibly change her head if a suitable alternative presents itself, but matching women's hair is one of the trickiest aspects of proxying, with the additional issue matching scale. I'm certainly unlikely to buy a miniature just for the head on the off chance it fits her.

I am happy with how I've painted her, although the symbol on the cape might be a bit small. I think I'm getting better at highlighting and shading, but I do find resin harder to work with as the rougher surface of the miniature tends to expose some of my brush control.

Like Sea-Urchin, Alche-miss is a character I might return to if the differences annoy me enough and a better option presents itself.

The tallies both edge up by one as, following the last game, I bought a miniature midweek to allow me to play the next Quest of the Ringbearer scenario. However, progress is progress, and my Freedom Force project is really taking shape and I probably need to play a game sometime soon.

Acquired: 109
Painted: 113


  1. Lovely work. Still reminds me of Sheila from Dungeons and Dragons.

    1. And thanks to you she does the same to me now. Thanks...